Bali's First Executive Private Plane

Fly Bali present the first executive private plane to be based in Bali. The King Air 350i is ready 24/7 in General Aviation Terminal in Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali to meet any kind of traveler’s needs. 

“We understand that there are many travelers seeking for a flexible and reliable transportation to reach other islands in a very short time. While we provide helicopters as an option, time usually be one of the challenges. With this King Air 350i now customers can schedule a flight at their convenient time and arrive to their destination faster. Therefore we believe that this executive private plane is a good solution for many travelers needs wether it’s a business trip or family holiday. 

All of our packages are included with VIP assistant service that connect to all Domestic and International flights from Bali Airport.” said Marina Trudy the Owner of Fly Bali.

First and foremost safety is always the priority, Fly Bali is collaborating with Balai Besar Kalibrasi Fasilitas Penerbang / Global Flight Inspection Service Provider, our goal is to provide flights that comply to International Aviation safety standard.

BBKFP provide only the best pilots in the industry, well-experienced with a high flying hours and International performance record.

With two propeller engines, this aircraft is powered by two turbocharged engines with a capacity of more than 1000 horsepower. King Air 350i is able to operate up to an altitude of 28,000 feet and at nighttime, making this aircraft often in high demand use for transportation for important government guests.

The facilities offered are no joke; equipped with 7 seats and a premium interior in the fuselage, King Air 350i gives a blend of luxury and exclusivity to passengers, offering both domestic and international routes as a plus.

King Air 350i Performance

– Aircraft Range : 2,336 Nautical Miles

– Cruse Speed : 310 MPH

King Air 350i Interior

– Seat : 6-9

– Cabin Dimension : 19’6″ x  4’6″ x  4’9″ ft

– Cabin Volume : 417 cu. ft.

– Baggage Capacity : 71 cu.ft.