Best in class is what best describes the helicopter produced by German’s Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MMB) and Japan’s Kawasaki. This multipurpose and versatile helicopter unit made their first takeoff in 1979 and was consistently produced over 400 units ever since.

This twin-engined helicopter has a maximum speed of 262km/h with a maximum capacity of 9 passengers and 1 pilot, capable of performing long-distance travel which makes it highly suitable for business travels and inter-island tours.

In the future, BK-177C will not only be used for business and tours, but also for a diverse range of emergency operation such as search and rescue, along with evacuations for medical services and natural disaster. This is made possible by BK-177C high-end multipurpose attributes, qualified to accommodate larger capacity unit.

Fly Bali hopes that the launch of BK-177C can be of great help to not only tourist vacations, member of officials, and business travellers, but also medical personnel and civil servants who are in need of multipurpose aircraft for different needs and emergencies from time to time.

The Robinson Helicopter Company R66

The Robinson R66 Turbine Marine Helicopter is the newest helicopter from the Robinson Helicopter Company. Incredible power from a Rolls Royce RR300 engine delivering best in class performance, with a payload capacity of over 600kg.