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Bali is Ranked in the Top 5 favorite destinations around the world based on Trip Advisor announcement.

The Island have more than 100 Worldwide Luxury Accommodation brands.

Bali has more than 6 million foreign tourist from all over the world in 2018 and the number of the visitors are predicted increasing for over than 2% every year

The number of High-end tourist visiting Bali is above Dubai & Hawaii which both are highly rated for the helicopter services.

Bali have high demand for helicopter and the needs are various, from a classic scenic flight, Island transfer, Marriage Proposal, aerial filming, photoshoots, videography, medevac & business purposes.

Bali is closed to other developing Islands such as Gili, Lombok, Sumbawa & Komodo which continuesly improving the needs for helicopter services

Currently there are only 2 Helicopters operating in Bali and still many inquiries are not being fulfilled.



 Many helicopter operator are in trouble finding registered helipad in Bali that accessible for non-Bali based Helicopter.  Overpriced landing fee and busy traffic inside Bali International airport creating inconvenience and very inefficient for helicopter operation.



We build Fly Bali Heliport, the first registered Private Heliport at South Bali that is accessible for all helicopter operators providing customer friendly services.



S.08  50′ 24, 0″      E .115   09′    ,70″

Location details :

5,5 NM from Ngurah Rai Airport 


As an experienced team in running a Helicopter business for tourism services, we fully understand the standard facilities and services that should be provided to the customers. Fly Bali team is here to provide facilities and excellent customer services while Helicopter provider shall be responsible to focus on the regulation and safety mandatory.



Selling isn’t hard, selling something you don’t believe is. 

Our team is experienced in making inquiries into sales by online and offline, company can make a very fancy promotion and advertising but without the help of people with selling skill and strong product knowledge, customers inquiries will not turn into money.



Safety is never the least, a safe operation shall be the highest concern. Our commitment is to comply with the standard regulation and safety mandatory as well as the helicopter providers.



We understand how big the investment in starting a new base for your helicopter business. The market in Bali is very promising and your search should end now it’s time to execute immediately before others do.


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